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Better Child Safety

Your child’s emergency contact, health and safety information. Always up-to-date and with them everywhere they go.

A Safe Deposit Box For Child Safety Info

A BlueCard™ contains the information schools and caregivers need to keep your kids safe when life happens.
Health Issues
Allergy lists, medications, physician info and more.
In Case of Emergency
Up-to-date contact info, emergency instructions.
Pick Up
Who can (and who cannot) pick up your child.
Recent photo and descriptive information.
Documents Details
Upload insurance, vaccinations info, etc.
Raise your hand if you need help with devices, food, etc.
“Having access to accurate info is awesome. But BlueCard also lets me know when important stuff happens, like a new allergy is added.”

Fill Out Once.  Reuse Everywhere.  Update Easily.

Take the pain out of registering your kids at all kinds of places — from schools, to daycare, to camps, and more.  Tap to share your BlueCard™ instead.

Secure, Easy, Peace Of Mind

Tap to share. Updates sync instantly.  Stop sharing anytime. No download required.  Smart notifications.  Top-notch encryption.  And its free for parents!
    Works in               Works on
100 languages       any device

Protect Your Kids For Free in Minutes

With the ability to copy information from one child to another, you can create a BlueCard™ for each of your kids and share them in no time.

Made For Schools, Camps, Daycare & More

Keep the kids in your care safer with safety info that’s easy to collect, always up-to-date and accessible by the right people in your organization.