Enhance All Of Your Child Safety Protocols
Collect emergency contact info electronically, verify it before you need it, and improve parent engagement with better data.

Safety infrastructure for the modern child-centric organization.  Stop solely relying on handwritten emergency contact cards, which you probably can’t read, shove in drawer and parent's almost never update.


Made for schools and districts

Bring better child safety to every family in your community.
Power your SIS and all your learning applications with up-to-date contact information.
Safe and Secure
We set the best practices in privacy, security, and data control to help districts keep student data safe.
Manage who in your organization has access to your student data and log what they access.

Better child safety. Less busywork.

Quite simply the easiest way to collect the information you need, keep it up to date and appropriately accessible by the people that can make a difference.
A form your parents will actually fill out
No one enjoys filling out forms in triplicate! Parents can fill out our BlueCard in minutes, using forms written in their language, from any device, and at any time.  You can print legible, typed copies anytime you like.
Always up-to-date
Stop chasing after parents for months each year. When a parent updates their BlueCard, their changes are visible to you instantly. We validate and verify contact information and periodically ask parents to reconfirm it, which they can do with just one tap.
Enforce your policies
Need to confirm address changes? Need a real signature on your cards? No problem.  We notify you of changes and keep track of new and old info (i.e. nothing gets deleted) to make it easy for you to confirm changes and enforce your policies while simultaneously having access to the most up-to-date info possible.
Safety is everyone’s job
See pictures of contacts that parents have authorized for pick-up, allow teachers to share a new number they got from mom with the entire team, and more. With BlueCard you put your safety info into the hands of the people who can make a difference, which makes every kid safer.
Equity in Safety
Safety forms should be readable -- by everyone. Parents' info shouldn't live in a drawer -- it should follow the child and be used to put protective measures in place for children who are most at-risk. BlueCard is committed to making safety equitable. Because every child matters.

Dramatically better than the status quo

Avoid issues and make better decisions when bad stuff inevitably happens with notifications, reminders, and time-saving features that do a lot with just one tap.
Examples of how BlueCard can help your organization
Tap to connect to the correct phone number exactly when you need it and from any device.
Identify parents without a working phone number.
Allow parents to update their BlueCards anytime or place, while keeping old info.
Get an alert when allergies, medical conditions or special needs are reported or changed.
Get responses from every parent with forms that are translated for them.
Print typed backup copies anytime, which parents can sign in writing or electronically.
See a timeline with every addition, edit, and view linked to every BlueCard.
Allow parents to upload documents (media consents, permission slips, etc.)
Let’s work together.  Tell us what else could lead to better child safety and we’ll do our best to deliver it.

It works just the way you want it to

Sign up now. Parents will thank you!
Authorize your admin users.
We activate your account and show your team how to use it.
Parents create and then simply tap to share their BlueCards with you.
Get digital access to BlueCards™
BlueCards appear as pending until you accept or reject them.
Your admin team can access your information from any device.
Auto-syncing keeps your records up-to-date
Print a paper backup set anytime
100% legible and yours to keep.
Print legible BlueCards anytime, which parents can physically sign.
Print the standard NYC DOE emergency contact card and one that's easier to read.

Switching from paper to BlueCard is easy

The move to BlueCard is surprisingly easy and can be done at anytime  — even if you’ve already collected emergency contact info.  Requesting BlueCards™ is as easy as sending an email. You are notified upon receipt and can accept or reject them.
Constant innovation
We’re committed to building something you’ll love using.  That’s why we’re always listening to your feedback, improving BlueCard™ and adding useful features.
Software that just works
With BlueCard, there are no apps or updates for you, your staff or your parents to install and it will work on all of your internet-enabled devices. And updates are automatic and free!
Ready to make kids safer and reduce risks?
Start a free trial for your organization now.